The building and construction experience is in most people’s mind associated with lots of small or big problems.

Fortunately, we do not adhere to this attitude.

Building or restoring your house, does not need to deprive you of your sleep.

The secret of course is, working with the right people. At least, that is the secret of our success!

We work with skillful, trustworthy teams of locally based professionals. We promote locally sourced building materials like stone and wood.

It makes us proud when our clients are fully satisfied, especially when the quality of the work exceeds their expectations.

 Our long-term experience in the construction and restoration business, enables us to contribute creativelly and with respect to the traditional construction methods.

The continuous communication channels we use, gives our clients the opportunity to follow up on their project at every step, from wherever they are based.

The history of the projects we managed to date speaks by itself.

If you consider to work with us, we will be happy to present to you some of our projects and to introduce you to their owners.  


New stone house construction

Complete restoration of a group of old stone houses

Restoration of an old stone house (kalivi)

Construction of a modern villa with a state-of-the-art heating/cooling system

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