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Using the term "Real Estate Consultant" it may – at first - refer to the purchase and sale of real estate and to a transaction based on money. For us, it is something completely different. We are talking about understanding needs, reaching goals and fulfilling expectations. We are talking about creating relationships that go beyond analyzing a market or placing an offer. We are talking about life choices. That is why our job here, is first and foremost, a solution. Our philosophy is based on mutual benefit, defining in advance the parameters we want to be covered. As a consequence, we get to know real people. We are proud when our customers become our friends,as a result of a sincere collaboration. Pelion is our unique place on earth, the place we live and love, and our goal is for others to love it as we do.

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We believe that when an investment is made, there is something more than a transaction taking place. It is a decision that connects people and creates personal relationships. We are always excited to meet good people. You see, we are proud when our customers become our friends too! This place has its own soul. It lives and breathes with us, spreads love and helps creating relationships that last in time.

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We are always on the look to find for you and offer what you truly need, achieving economy of scale. We do not have a “sales” mentality. We aim at creating a win-win situation. Our transactions are first and foremost solutions. Our philosophy is based on mutual benefit, always defining in advance the parameters we want to be covered. You see, in addition to maintaining a good name, both the economic and the human factor have their own weight.

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We know this place like the palm of our hand. We live in Pelion and we respond immediately to whatever need arises. We are on site for any of your requests. After all, this is our place, the place we love to live in. Our purpose is to inspire others to love it as we do. The fact that we are also residents, not only allows us to be present anytime, but at the same time gives us the opportunity to act as consultants - as real friends do- to your possible needs…. After all, it is fulfilling to lend a helping hand.

Giorgos Mavroudis, Founder

Bringing people together, building bridges between different cultures and opposing interests - these are qualities I believe in and strive for. Adding extra value to every project by establishing unbiased communication – this is the tool I choose to work with. Focusing on a mutually beneficial outcome is my goal in every negotiation I participate in. My mission is to bring a high-quality professionalism in the field of real estate. Such an effort is not only tremendously effective, it is also fun!
However, in addition to success in sales, I find that an even greater pleasure, is gaining customers’ trust. In the context of building or renovating homes, we choose to work with local professionals; people with integrity and smart skills - craftsmen who are proud of their work, people who are good at what they do and enjoy their work. Apart from work, I enjoy mountain hiking and walking in the old cobblestone paths or “kalderimi” of Pelion. I like long distance running and I regularly participate in a local, multinational choir. Reading and traveling are my permanent favorite hobbies.

Garifallia Maria Karagianni, Real Estate Consultant

My story began right here in Pelion, where I was born. As a native Pelion resident, I very well know the in-side-outs of this place and of its people. I have studied International Commerce and my professional experience has been in the areas of secretarial support and tourism. Τhe Real Estate and Property management sector gained my attention during 2015. I truly enjoy working in this field, assisting clients to fulfill one of their dreams; that of acquiring their dream holiday home. It makes me very happy when people who have never been to Pelion, discover this beautiful spot of Greece and decide to make this their second home. Besides work, I very much enjoy hiking on Pelion’s amazing, old stoned streets, reading books and especially, traveling around the world.

We found Giorgos to be an excellent project manager. He kept us fully informed of the progress with emails and images, he was tireless as our interpreter and we are delighted with the outcome.
Nick και Nicola Costaras
Perfect observance of schedules, selection of appropriate construction teams, knowledge of the construction site, and an aesthetic that is constantly updated with sensitivity and love for the natural landscape. Giorgos remains our valuable advisor and friend!
Dimitris Economides, Smaro Gregoriadou
Available, intelligent and attentive. These are the only criticisms we have to make on a team that has advised, built and installed everything in our beautiful dream house. Moreover we got a friend in this “venture".
Dominique Poitevin, Ludovic Lelan
Since our initial contact with Giorgos in 2007 we have been impressed with his consistent attention to detail, considered observations and his extensive list of contacts. We would have no hesitation to suggest using his services to anyone wanting to purchase, develop, refurbish or restore properties throughout South Pelion.
Barry και Lynn Davenport
We had asked in advance how and where we could find someone who is capable and can be trusted. Giorgos’ name came up by different people. We were very lucky to find you and we can only confirm that we were very satisfied with the services your office provided.
Andreas και Eva Waha
We found our house through the mediation of Pelion Real Estate. They organized the processing for us, had all the important issues in mind and knew exactly what was important. Encouraged by the positive experience, we are now having the renovation work organized by Pelion Real Estate!
Heike & Andreas Erb

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